Dive deep into why MSPs should consider offering managed security services..

About The Webinar

Charles Weaver (CEO of MSP Alliance) and Scott B. Suhy (CEO of NetWatcher) discuss the opportunity and risks associated with offering Managed Security Services. 

You'll Learn

  • The market opportunity
  • What Gartner is saying about Managed Security and "Managed Detection & Response" (MDR)
  • The SMB and MSP challenges
  • How to build a business model around Managed Security
  • Easy to follow next steps

Charles Weaver

CEO and co-founder of the MSPAlliance

Since its founding in 2000, the organization has grown from less than 5 founding members to well over 25,000 members worldwide. Under Mr. Weaver’s management the MSPAlliance has expanded its reach and influence to include education, standards of conduct, and certifications for manage service professionals and companies.

In addition to running the daily operational activities of the MSPAlliance, Mr. Weaver writes and speaks extensively around the world on the manage service industry. His book, "The Art of Manage Service" has been read all over the world.

Website: http://www.mspalliance.com/

Scott Suhy

CEO at NetWatcher

NetWatcher is a Security-as-a-Service platform that enables MSP's to offer cost-effective 24 x 7 security service monitoring their networks for vulnerabilities and exploits. Many government and industry compliance requirements, and security best practices, outline the need for continuous monitoring, intrusion detection, active scanning, log monitoring, net-flow analysis, event management and end point integration. NetWatcher enables MSPs to immediately deploy these services and take advantage of a fully-staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). This means superior security that is easy to use, accurate and affordable.

Website: http://www.netwatcher.com/