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Secure VPN for all your internet traffic

When users are connecting to an insecure network/WIFI all traffic is encrypted.

Intrusion Detection in the Cloud

When users are connecting to an insecure network/WIFI Intrusion Detection is still active using the NetWatcher Cloud sensor.

Cyber Promiscuity Score

Get insights into unintentionally risky online behavior that often leads to costly and time consuming intrusions, ransomware and cyber theft.

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Your Cyber Promiscuity Score

What is your network security hygiene score?

  • Has your computer already been exploited? 
  • Are bad actors from other countries scanning your computer looking for vulnerabilities they can exploit?
  • Are you visiting nefarious websites that drop spyware?
  • Are you downloading risky software?
  • Is any of the software on your computer vulnerable to exploits such as ransomware?
  • Are you sending information over the internet in clear text where a bad actor can steal it from you?

The Dashboard - Situational Awareness of Your Computer's Security

Get access to easy to understand widgets that allow business people, IT people or even security analysts to find value.

  • Stay at the high level and determine how many "Alarms" you have on your computer
  • Or go deep and look at the vast amount of "events" and associtated network packets


Easy to Understand Alarms

NetWatcher alarms have an easy to understand description of the issue and the approprate remediation plan.

  • Forware Alarms to your email
  • Talk to others about the issues in the community forum

How The Free Cloud Endpoint Works

Install NetWatcher's Free Cloud Endpoint NetAgent

Have Your Internet Traffic Analyzed Over A Secure VPN

Receive a Secure Login

Upgrade If You Want More...

Why NetWatcher?

NetWatcher’s founders have a vision that every small and medium size enterprise should have access to the same cyber security protection that the Fortune 1000 have at their disposal.  The NetWatcher team believes that cyber security protection should be easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, highly accurate and affordable for any size organization.


The biggest benefit that NetWatcher has offered me is peace of mind. It assures me that our overall network profile is still clear of outdated software, illicit downloads, and other security events.

Dominic O'Connor

Director of Engineering, Interfolio


NetWatcher gives us peace of mind with regular monitoring of outside threats. This lets me focus on our customers and development priorities instead of trying to figure out every possible security threat.

Mike Baird

Founder & CEO, Avizia


EverFi utilizes NetWatcher to warn us of any potential security threats, allowing the company the luxury of addressing any issues long before the organization would be compromised.

Tim Maffei


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